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: rrs: MTB000019rpsL: Rv0682gidB: Rv3919c


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Codons 1500 to 1549:1 Mutation Codons 1400 to 1449:1 Mutation Codons 1200 to 1249:1 Mutation Codons 1050 to 1099:1 Mutation Codons 900 to 949:7 Mutation Codons 850 to 899:2 Mutation Codons 750 to 799:1 Mutation Codons 600 to 649:1 Mutation Codons 500 to 549:5 Mutation Codons 450 to 499:2 Mutation Codons 400 to 449:2 Mutation Codons 150 to 199:1 Mutation
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IDSeqNoAdded byPrimary referencePolymorphismNucleotide positionCodon positionAmino acidTime periodOriginMolecular detection methodGene coverageResistance patternMICSusceptibility testing methodR/Total isolatesR/S isolates with mutationAdditional mutationsEditDeleteHigh confidence supportSelect
1944 Brzostek A IntJ TubLungDis 2004 C/T461  2000PolandSequencing530 loop, 912 regionSN.SProportion method4/884/0none High confidence details 
1955 Meier A AAC 1994 C/T491    SequencingWhole rrsHSN.SProportion method3/381/0  High confidence details 
1966 Meier A AAC 1994 C/T512    Sequencing505 bp gene fragment; complete S12 geneRHSN.SProportion method3/381/0  High confidence details 
1988 Dobner P MolCellProbes 1997 A/C513  1996Germany, Sierra LeoneSequencing530 loop, 912 regionSN.S 1/501/0AAG/AGG, 43 Lys/Arg (rpsL) High confidence details 
1999 Katsukawa C J Appl Micro 1997 A/T513  1992-1994JapanSequencing450-944S20-200ug/mlAbsolute concentration method95/1729/0  High confidence details 
20010 Dobner P MolCellProbes 1997 C/T516  1996Germany, Sierra LeoneSequencing530 loop, 912 regionSN.S 1/501/0none High confidence details 
20212 Sreevatsan S AAC 1996 C/T798  1995USASequencing530 loop, 912 regionSN.SProportion method, BACTEC 460398141/0only NY isolate with both rrs and rpsL (AAG/AGG; K43-->R) mutations High confidence details 
20818 Dobner P MolCellProbes 1997 A/T906  1996Germany, Sierra LeoneSequencing530 loop, 912 regionSN.S 1/501/0none High confidence details 
20919 Katsukawa C J Appl Micro 1997 A/C906  1992-1994JapanSequencing450-944S20-200ug/mlAbsolute concentration method95/1721/0  High confidence details 

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