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fbpC: Rv0129cRv0340: Rv0340iniB: Rv0341iniA: Rv0342iniC: Rv0343mabA: Rv1483inhA: Rv1484Rv1592c: Rv1592cRv1772: Rv1772ndh: Rv1854ckatG: Rv1908cfurA: Rv1909csrmR: Rv2242fabD: Rv2243kasA: Rv2245accD6: Rv2247oxyR: Rv2427aaphC: Rv2428efpA: Rv2846cfadE24: Rv3139nhoA: Rv3566cembB: Rv3795


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Codons 200 to 219:2 Mutation Codons 180 to 199:1 Mutation Codons 80 to 99:4 Mutation Codons 60 to 79:1 Mutation Codons 40 to 59:1 Mutation Codons 20 to 39:2 Mutation Codons 0 to 19:2 Mutation
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IDSeqNoAdded byPrimary referencePolymorphismNucleotide positionCodon positionAmino acidTime periodOriginMolecular detection methodGene coverageResistance patternMICSusceptibility testing methodR/Total isolatesR/S isolates with mutationAdditional mutationsEditDeleteHigh confidence supportSelect
4701 Hai Hua Lin TubercRespirDis 2007 AAA/AAC248Lys/Asn2004South KoreaSequencingWhole geneMDRN.S.N.S29/291/0inhA -15 (C/T)   
4712 Basso L JID 1998 ATC/ACC4716Ile/Thr1998USASequencingWhole geneH1.0ug/mlBACTECN.S.1/0none   
4723 Morlock GP AAC 2003 ATC/GTC6121Ile/Val2003USASequencing284 bp inhA promoter and nt 13-379 of inhAHEth8ug/mlI, >200ug/ml EthProportion metho41/422/0C(-15)T inhA regulator   
4734 Morlock GP AAC 2003 ATC/ACC6221Ile/Thr2003USASequencing284 bp inhA promoter and nt 13-379 of inhAHEth>32ug/ml, 8ug/ml I, >200 ug/ml or 100ug/ml EthProportion method41/423/0C(-15)T, G(-17)T inhA regulator,   
4745 Basso L JID 1998 ATT/ACT14047Ile/Thr1998USASequencingWhole geneH1.0 ug/mlBACTECN.S.1/0none   
4756 Basso L JID 1998 GTG/GCG23378Val/Ala1998USASequencingWhole geneH1.0 ug/mlBACTECN.S.1/0none   
4767 Lee H Int J Tuberc Lung Dis 2000 TCG/GCG28094Ser/Ala2000South KoreaSequencingnt174-382HR0.2ug/ml I, 20ug/ml R 24/241/0    
4778 Vilcheze C Nat Med 2006 TCG/TTG28194Ser/Leu             
4789 Ristow M Lancet 1995 ATT/CCT283-28495Ile/Pro1995Germany, NepalSequencinginhA codon 94HEthAll 7 were resistant to I or Eth or both.Proportion method38/47 7/0 not mentioned   
47910 Secondary Publication: Ramaswamy S Musser JM Tubercle lung Dis 1998 ATT/ACT28495Ile/Thr             
48011 Leung ET AAC 2006 ATC/ACC581194Ile/Thr1999-2002Hong Kong, ChinaSequencing -38 to-13, 250-268,381-399,510-492,860-840,H>1ug/mlProportion method102/3751/0not mentioned   
48112 Huang WL JCM 2009   202Arg/Gly2007-2008TaiwanSequencingN.S.242MDRN.S.MGIT 960242/2721/0not mentiond   
48213 Huang WL JCM 2009   217Glu/Asp2007-2008TaiwanSequencingN.S.242MDRN.S.MGIT 960242/2721/0not mentiond   

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