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fbpC: Rv0129cRv0340: Rv0340iniB: Rv0341iniA: Rv0342iniC: Rv0343mabA: Rv1483inhA: Rv1484Rv1592c: Rv1592cRv1772: Rv1772ndh: Rv1854ckatG: Rv1908cfurA: Rv1909csrmR: Rv2242fabD: Rv2243kasA: Rv2245accD6: Rv2247oxyR: Rv2427aaphC: Rv2428efpA: Rv2846cfadE24: Rv3139nhoA: Rv3566cembB: Rv3795


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Codons 20 to 21:1 Mutation Codons 14 to 15:1 Mutation Codons 4 to 5:1 Mutation
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IDSeqNoAdded byPrimary referencePolymorphismNucleotide positionCodon positionAmino acidTime periodOriginMolecular detection methodGene coverageResistance patternMICSusceptibility testing methodR/Total isolatesR/S isolates with mutationAdditional mutationsEditDeleteHigh confidence supportSelect
4531 Ramaswamy SV AAC 2003 G/T-147-147              
4542 Lee ASG AAC 1999 A/T-92-92 1994-1996SingaporeSequencingPromoter region of inhAH0.1ug/mlBACTEC 460160/1921/0katG or ahpC-oxyR mut   
4553 Doustdar F MDR 2008 G/C-67-67 2005-2006IranSequencing250bp around 315 and 212 bp around 463, 238bp of inhA and 293bp of ahpCHN.S.Proportion method48/931/0inhA 40 G/C and ahpC -6 G/A   
4564 Rindi L Int J Tuberc Lung Dis 2005 G/T-24-24 1994-2002ItalySequencingnt 56-303   45/451/0not mentioned   
4575 Rouse DA AAC 1995 G/T-24-24 1995 PCR SSCP analysis,N.S.HS0.2ug/ml I, 4ug/mlSAbsolute concentration method26/261/0R463l katG   
4586 Baker LV AAC 2005 G/T-24-24 1998United KingdomDirected Oligonucleotide array, SequencinginhA promoter regionH,HS,HE,HSE,MDRratio>=4Resistance ratio method202/3781/0S315T Arg463Leu in katG, -46G/A in oxyRahpc intergenic region   
4597 Morlock GP AAC 2003 G/T-17-17 2003USASequencing284 bp of inhA promoter and nt 13-379 of inhAHEth100ug/ml E, 8 ug/ml IProportion method41/421/0I21T inhA ORF   
4608 Secondary Publication: Ramaswamy S Musser JM Tubercle lung Dis 1998 A/G-16-16              
4619 Lee ASG AAC 1999 C/T-15-15 1994-1996SingaporeSequencingPromoter region of inhAH0.1UG/MLBACTEC 460 radimetric method160/19243/0katG or ahpC-oxyR mut   
46210 Secondary Publication: Hazbon MH AAC 2006 A/T-11-11              
46311 Lee ASG AAC 1999 T/A-8-8 1994-1996SingaporeSequencingPromoter region of inhAH0.1UG/MLBACTEC 460 radimetric method160/1921/0katG or ahpC-oxyR mut   
46412 Baker LV AAC 2005 T/C-8-8 1998United KingdomDirected Oligonucleotide array, SequencingPromoter region of inhAH,HS,HE,HSE,MDRratio>=4Resistance ratio method202/3781/0none   
46513 Rouse DA AAC 1995 T/G-8-8 1995 PCR SSCP analysisnot specifiedH0.2ug/mlAbsolute concentration method399901/0none   
46614 Sekigushi J JCM 2007 T/A-5-5 2007 Sequencingnt-217 to -198, 1145-1126  Proportion method, BACTEC38/1381/0M257T R463L katG   
46715 Doustdar F MDR 2008 GCC/CCC135Ala/Pro2005-2006IranSequencing250bp around 315 and 212 bp around 463, 238bp of inhA and 293bp of ahpCHN.S.Proportion method48/931/0mabA -15 C/T and ahpC -6 G/A   
46816 Doustdar F MDR 2008 GTA/CTA4014Val/Leu2005-2006IranSequencing250bp around 315 and 212 bp around 463, 238bp of inhA and 293bp of ahpCHN.S.Proportion method48/931/0mabA -67 G/C and ahpC -6 G/A   
46917 Secondary Publication: Hazbon MH AAC 2006 ACC/GCC6121Thr/Ala             

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