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mabA: Rv1483inhA: Rv1484ethA/etaA: Rv3854c


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Codons 95 to 99:1 Mutation Codons 90 to 94:1 Mutation
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IDSeqNoAdded byPrimary referencePolymorphismNucleotide positionCodon positionAmino acidTime periodOriginMolecular detection methodGene coverageResistance patternMICSusceptibility testing methodR/Total isolatesR/S isolates with mutationAdditional mutationsEditDeleteHigh confidence supportSelect
981 Lee H Int J Tuberc Lung Dis 2000 TCG/GCG28094Ser/AlaPublished 2000KoreaSequencingnt 174-384HEth, HREthN.S.Proportion method.401710/0Mutations in the regulatory region (mabA) were found.   
992 Ristow M Lancet 1995 AT/CC304-30595Ile/ProPublished 1995Germany, NepalSequencingregion around inhA 94MDRN.S.Proportion method.32/477/0None found in the fragment analyzed.   

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