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Codons 900 to 919:1 Mutation Codons 820 to 839:1 Mutation Codons 460 to 479:1 Mutation Codons 340 to 359:1 Mutation Codons 320 to 339:1 Mutation Codons 200 to 219:1 Mutation Codons 0 to 19:4 Mutation
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IDSeqNoAdded byPrimary referencePolymorphismNucleotide positionCodon positionAmino acidTime periodOriginMolecular detection methodGene coverageResistance patternMICSusceptibility testing methodR/Total isolatesR/S isolates with mutationAdditional mutationsEditDeleteHigh confidence supportSelect
8531 Ramaswamy SV AAC 2000 del CG-43-43FrameshiftPublished 2000USA, RussiaSequencingWhole geneE20-30ug/mlBACTEC 46075/1082/0Met306Ile in embB at MIC=20ug/ml; Gly406Ser in embB at MIC=30ug/ml.   
8542 Ramaswamy SV AAC 2000 C/T-16-16 Published 2000USA, RussiaSequencingWhole geneE10-40ug/mlBACTEC 46075/1082/0Arg738Gln in embC, Met306Ile in embB, and Pro54Ser in Rv3124 at MIC=40ug/ml; Ser501Trp at MIC>10ug/mL.   
8553 Ramaswamy SV AAC 2000 C/T-12-12 Published 2000USA, RussiaSequencingWhole geneE30ug/mlBACTEC 46075/1082/0Gln497Lys in embB in one isolate; Gln497Lys in embB and Ser501Trp in iniA in another isolate.   
8564 Ramaswamy SV AAC 2000 C/A-11-11 Published 2000USA, RussiaSequencingWhole geneE20ug/mlBACTEC 46075/1081/0Met306Ile in embB.   
8575 Ramaswamy SV AAC 2000 GAC/AAC104Asp/AsnPublished 2000USA, RussiaSequencingWhole geneE40ug/mlBACTEC 46075/1081/0Gly406Asp in embB   
8586 Ramaswamy SV AAC 2000 GCG/ACG601201Ala/ThrPublished 2000USA, RussiaSequencingWhole geneE30ug/mlBACTEC 46075/1081/0Asp328Tyr and Tyr334His in embB.   
8597 Ramaswamy SV AAC 2000 GGC/AGC961321Gly/SerPublished 2000USA, RussiaSequencingWhole geneE10-30ug/mlBACTEC 46075/1081/0    
8608 Ramaswamy SV AAC 2000 GGC/GAC1049350Gly/AspPublished 2000USA, RussiaSequencingWhole geneE10-30ug/mlBACTEC 46075/1082/0    
8619 Ramaswamy SV AAC 2000 GCG/GTG1385462Ala/ValPublished 2000USA, RussiaSequencingWhole geneE10-30ug/mlBACTEC 46075/1081/0    
86210 Ramaswamy SV AAC 2000 GAC/GGC2498833Asp/AlaPublished 2000USA, RussiaSequencingWhole geneE10-30ug/mlBACTEC 46075/1081/0    
86311 Ramaswamy SV AAC 2000 CCG/TCG2737913Pro/SerPublished 2000USA, RussiaSequencingWhole geneE40-50ug/mlBACTEC 46075/1082/0Gln351STOP in iniC at MIC=40ug/ml; Asn394Asp in embC, Gly350Asp in embA, Leu276Arg in Rv3124, and -24 G deletion in Rv0340, at MIC=50ug/ml.   

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