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Codons 170 to 179:1 Mutation
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IDSeqNoAdded byPrimary referencePolymorphismNucleotide positionCodon positionAmino acidTime periodOriginMolecular detection methodGene coverageResistance patternMICSusceptibility testing methodR/Total isolatesR/S isolates with mutationAdditional mutationsEditDeleteHigh confidence supportSelect
871 Ramaswamy SV AAC 2000 del G-24-24FrameshiftPublished 2000USA, RussiaSequencingWhole geneEN.S.BACTEC 460, agar diffusion method75/1081/0Asn396Asp in embC, Gly350Asp and Pro913Ser in embA, and Leu276Arg in Rv3124.   
882 Ramaswamy SV AAC 2000   173Thr/MetPublished 2000USA, RussiaSequencingWhole geneEN.S.BACTEC 460, agar diffusion method75/1081/0All three resistant isolates also had resistance-associated mutations in embC (n=1) or embB (n=3); see Note.   

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