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rpoB: Rv0667embB: Rv3795


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IDAdded byCountryTime periodSymbolGene IDMutationNo. of isolates testedNo. of isolates w/ mutationPercent tested w/ mutation Molecular detection method - gene coverageDST method - resistance pattern among R isolatesCommentsEditDeleteSelect
23 Russia1997-2005rpoBRv0667H526Y (CAC/TAC)4122711411003.70%0.00%Primer extension minisequencing and sequencing.RRDR Absolute concentration method.11 R, 260 MDR    
174 Hong Kong1994-2004rpoBRv0667H526Y (CAC/TAC)3002217926011.80%0.00%PCR-SSCP and Sequencing.RRDRAbsolute concentration method.6 R, 213 MDR, 2 PDR    
346 Germany2001rpoBRv0667H526Y (CAC/TAC)14310340201.90%0.00%Real-time PCR, MTBDR assay and Sequencing.RRDR 81bpBACTEC 460.All MDR    
499 Taiwan2007-2008rpoBRv0667H526Y (CAC/TAC)272242302309.50%0.00%Sequencing.rpoBProportion method and MGIT 960. All MDR    
518 Taiwan1998-2003rpoBRv0667H526Y (CAC/TAC)202162401408.60%0.00%SequencingRRDR 541 bp regionN.S.All MDR    
710 Italy2002-2005rpoBRv0667H526Y (CAC/TAC)206142641007.00%0.00%Oligobased hybridization assay and sequencing.RRDRBACTEC 460, MGIT 960 and proportion method.3 R, 139 MDR, 18 PDR     
825 KoreaN.S.rpoBRv0667H526Y (CAC/TAC)243115128706.10%0.00%Oligobased hybridization assay and sequencing.RRDR 511-533Proportion method.3 R, 112 MDR     
900 Thailand2003-2005rpoBRv0667H526Y (CAC/TAC)1841543023014.90%0.00%MAS-PCR and Sequencing.rpoBProportion method. 11 R, 143 MDR.    
1018 Russia2000-2002rpoBRv0667H526Y (CAC/TAC)1701664804.80%0.00%Oligobased chip assay, PCR-SSCP and sequencing.RRDRAbsolute concentration method.All R monoresistant    
1202 China2005-2006rpoBRv0667H526Y (CAC/TAC)23510213313012.70%0.00%Sequencing rpoBProportion method and MGIT 960. N.S.    
1219 India2001-2003rpoBRv0667H526Y (CAC/TAC)1871493816010.70%0.00%Sequencing.RRDR 437bp fragmentProportion method.All MDR     
1235 Russia2000-2005rpoBRv0667H526Y (CAC/TAC)290272181003.70%0.00%Oligobased chip assay, PCR-SSCP and sequencing.RRDRAbsolute concentration method.94% MDR    
1248 Vietnam2005rpoBRv0667H526Y (CAC/TAC)154104501409.50%0.00%MAS-PCR, MTBDR assay and Sequencing.rpoBProportion method. 102 MDR    
1272 ChinaN.S.rpoBRv0667H526Y (CAC/TAC)14211230908.00%0.00%Sequencing.rpoB and Rv2629Proportion method and MGIT 960. N.S.    
1331 Hong Kong1999-2003rpoBRv0667H526Y (CAC/TAC)3299216308325011.60%0.00%dHPLC and Sequencing.RRDRAbsolute concentration method.Only information about R resistance     

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