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gyrB: Rv0005gyrA: Rv0006


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IDAdded byCountryTime periodSymbolGene IDMutationNo. of isolates testedNo. of isolates w/ mutationPercent tested w/ mutation Molecular detection method - gene coverageDST method - resistance pattern among R isolatesCommentsEditDeleteSelect
40 ChinaN.S.gyrARv0006D94A (GAC/GCC)754233204.80%0.00%Sequencing, PCR-SSCP.QRDR of gyrAProportion method.All monoresistant    
51 RussiaN.S.gyrARv0006D94A (GAC/GCC)185671187010.40%0.00%Oligobased chip assay and sequencing.QRDR of gyrA Absolute concentration method.N.S    
127 Hong Kong1994-2004gyrARv0006D94A (GAC/GCC)25071179618.50%0.60%PCR-SSCP and Sequencing.QRDR of gyrAAbsolute concentration method.69 MDR, 2 PDR    
261 Hong Kong1991-2000gyrARv0006D94A (GAC/GCC)1385583305.50%0.00%PCR-SSCP and sequencing.gyrA: 320bp fragmentAbsolute concentration and broth macrodilution methods.Among 138 isolates 92 were MDR, among these 55 were O resistant    
525 Hong Kong1999-2003gyrARv0006D94A (GAC/GCC)5535205014.30%0.00%Sequencing.QRDR of gyrAAbsolute concentration method and BACTEC MGIT 960.24 MDR, 11 O or PDR* Sequencing was preformed for isolates with OFL MIC >= 4 ug/ml, MIC <= 2ug/ml was defined as OFL sensitive   
544 SingaporeN.S.gyrARv0006D94A (GAC/GCC)1005347000.00%0.00%Sequencing.QRDR of gyrA and gyrBBACTEC 460 radiometric method.Resistant to at least one drug (H, R, S, E)    
723 Russia2006gyrARv0006D94A (GAC/GCC)704822306.30%0.00%Sequencing.QRDR of gyrA and gyrBAbsolute concentration method.45 XDR, 3 MDR    
809 South Korea2004gyrARv0006D94A (GAC/GCC)736310609.50%0.00%Sequencing.QRDR of gyrA and gyrBProportion method.All O resistant and different patterns of resistance to other FLQs    
987 China2002-2003gyrARv0006D94A (GAC/GCC)1098722101.10%0.00%DHPLC and Sequencing.gyrA: codon 74-95Absolute concentration method.Only information about O resistance    
1007 India1995-1998gyrARv0006D94A (GAC/GCC)1286959202.90%0.00%Sequencing.gyrA: codon 89-95 and fragment of gyrBProportion method.18 O, 18 MDR, 33 PDR    
1190 IndiaN.S.gyrARv0006D94A (GAC/GCC)118724611015.30%0.00%Sequencing.QRDR of gyrA and gyrBAbsolute concentration method.38 O, 31 MDR, 2 PDR    
1257 Vietnam2005-2006gyrARv0006D94A (GAC/GCC)8242405011.90%0.00%Sequencing.QRDR of gyrA Proportion method.N.S    
1352 ChinaN.S.gyrARv0006D94A (GAC/GCC)684424000.00%0.00%PCR-SSCP and Sequencing.QRDR of gyrAAbsolute concentration method.Only information about O resistance    

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